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interceptive orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics or early orthodontics may be recommended to correct certain dental malocclusions that develop early.  Crossbites, narrow dental arches, issues created by habits such as thumb or pacifier use, overbites and underbites are some of the conditions that may benefit from interceptive orthodontics. In addition, early interceptive orthodontics may help avoid the removal of permanent teeth in the final phase of orthodontic treatment.


Parents should be aware that interceptive care is usually an early phase of full orthodontics that may be needed in the future.  Interceptive care can help make further orthodontic care less involved requiring less treatment time. In some cases it could help avoid any further orthodontic care.


Some examples of interceptive orthodontics are expansion of the upper jaw to correct a crossbite, early removal of baby teeth to facilitate the proper eruption of the permanent teeth, maintaining space for permanent teeth after a premature loss of a baby tooth, and reducing protrusion of upper front teeth to decrease the likehood of fracture from trauma


As a pediatric dental specialist, our doctors are experts on the growth and development of children’s dentition, jaws and craniofacial structures.  An early growth and development evaluation may provide your child with a more positive experience should they need early-orthodontic treatment from us.






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