Happier Smiles Through Cosmetic Dentistry

DSC5158 - Children's Dentistry of ManateeWhether teeth are cracked from a sports injury or damaged by decay, an imperfect smile can make your child feel self-conscious. Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to give your child back their confidence while improving their oral health in the process.

At Children’s Dentistry of Manatee, we believe that every child should have a reason to smile. This is why we offer a wide range of services and procedures to help address your child’s dental concerns. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix?

Cosmetic dentistry can address any number of common issues your child may experience in the early stages of oral development. Here are some of the reasons your child might need cosmetic dentistry:

  • Stained Teeth – Certain foods and bad oral hygiene habits can lead to dark stains on your child’s teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can whiten teeth immediately, leading to more confident smiles.
  • Tooth Decay – Baby teeth are more prone to decay because of the acids in breastmilk and baby food. Cosmetic dentistry can treat decay through whitening foams or gels, dental crowns, or dental bonding procedures.
  • Missing Teeth – Baby teeth naturally fall out to give way to permanent teeth, but your child may feel embarrassed by the gaps in their teeth. Partial dentures can give them the confidence to smile until the rest of their pearly whites come in.
  • Chipped/Cracked Teeth – Kids can sometimes play too hard, resulting in a chipped or cracked tooth every once in a while. Thankfully, superficial cracks can easily be remedied with a quick trip to our practice and a little cosmetic dentistry.

Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry

At Children’s Dentistry of Manatee, we can restore your child’s smile in different ways. Depending on what your child needs, we may recommend one or more of the following treatments:

  • Teeth Whitening – Our dentists will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel that breaks down stains on the outer layer of teeth, resulting in a bright and healthy smile.
  • Veneers – Veneers aren’t just for adults! Children who have misaligned, chipped, or underdeveloped teeth can get veneers for a straight row of pearly whites.
  • Dental Flippers – Your child may not want to wait for their permanent teeth to come in. Instead of having gaps in their smile, which can cause low self-esteem, your child can get partial dentures that give the appearance of fully-developed teeth.
  • Dental Bonding – Dental bonding fixes cracked teeth, giving them a full, smooth, and healthy appearance.

Fix Your Child’s Smile With Us!

Growing up can be hard enough without having to worry about your teeth. Whether your child is shy because of their misaligned teeth or simply wants to fix some physical discomfort, our highly qualified staff of trained medical professionals are here to help.

Our dentists are proficient in a wide range of procedures that can improve your child’s oral health and aesthetics, for teeth that deserve to be seen. Call Children’s Dentistry of Manatee today to find out how we can restore your child’s smile and confidence!


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